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An automobile dealership can spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on lead generation and yet the data that goes inside their CRM is not always acceptable. Third-party lead providers may not have the resources or methods to provide data in an organized fashion that leads to a more productive sales floor. While ADF (see what is ADF) is the industry standard format, not everyone uses it correctly. Dealerships find a problem with the labels or values that are entered in the provider source name, or the vendor will stuff information inside a comments field rather than the correct place it should be. There may be occasions when a dealership may wish to create or add information inside a certain element or node of the lead.

ADF Converter can provide automotive marketing solutions for your CRM problems. ADF Converter has the ability to parse ADF automotive leads before they reach the CRM. In essence, we offer the ability to create rules for your leads. You won’t need coding, it can be set up in minutes, and its always on. You can have to power to send lead the way your customers want it, and if you’re a dealership you’re entitled to get the leads that are acceptable to your organization.

Our application can help the dealership staff with their marketing reporting, and it can help close sales faster. How? well, we clean up the values inside any ADF leads so that you can quickly identify who sent you the lead. We can help you fix spelling errors in provider names, move or change values inside an element of a lead. We can also send text or HTML leads to multiple emails.

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