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Working with various car portals (aka third-party lead provider) to send leads to automobile dealership is relatively easy. Customers fill out online forms on their sites and they, in turn, send it to our CRM system via ADF (Auto-Lead Data Format) lead. Once it enters the CRM a Salesperson can respond quickly to the customer.

It’s usually the marketing team that is responsible for determining whether the third-party lead provider is sending enough leads and if the return on investment (ROI) is justified. For years it’s been tedious work to go thru pieces of data to compile accurate and timely monthly figures. The reason for this frustration is the source of the lead comes in different names all the time. One vendor will send their lead source written in one name, and in their very next lead under a different name altogether, thus causing frustration for the marketing team to track.

For Automobile Dealerships

Well, someone has finally put together an application that can help change all that. The team at Lead Adaptor has been working for the past year to present  It’s a user-friendly system that allows the dealerships to convert the ADF <source> tag to facilitate their reporting within their CRM system. The way it works is, the third-party lead provider will send their lead to ADFConverter, where it gets parsed according to the rules laid out by the dealership marketing team and then gets sent to the CRM within seconds.

You need only create one intake sheet per vendor, and you’re done. The system will remember your rules and work behind the scenes to clean your data.

For Third-Party Lead Providers

ADFConverter can also be used by the third-party lead providers as well. They can use it to cater to their customer’s needs and provide a value-add to their services. Each of their clients can receive a lead the way they wish to see it, while still allowing the third-party lead provider to keep their source tags intact.

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