Parse HTML to ADF

Parse HTML leads to ADF

Are you a Business Development Center (BDC) or Third-party call center currently trying to send leads to automobile dealerships? If so, you’re inevitably going to be asked by a prospective customer, “Can you send me leads in ADF format?” and if your answer is no – you just lost a sale.

ADF or Auto-lead Data Format is the standard method of submitting leads to the CRMs that automobile dealerships use every day. ADF is an XML format of code that the automobile industry has been using since May 2000. The code is usually submitted via email from the lead provider directly to the CRM. Today it’s still a valuable method of parsing data correctly into the CRM quickly to allow salespeople to receive and communicate with their potential customers. Not all CRMs can read ADF, they need to have a DTD file install in order to do this. Automobile CRMs are limited, the most common automobile CRMs are Dealersocket, eLeadsOne, Dominion and only a few more.

In order for BDCs or Call Centers to provide ADF leads from HTML or Text, you need to figure out a way to get your outgoing HTML or Text leads parsed or converted into an ADF format. I have scoured the internet looking a method to accomplish this, and the prices were over $8000 annually for only a small amount of intakes, it needed about multiple weeks to develop, business processes were missing, and it was a complicated setup. Most people don’t have technical people in their call center to understand and manage the project with outside software developers.

Text to ADF

We set out to help Business Development Centers or Call Centers convert their leads to Auto-data dealership format (ADF), by creating ADF Converter and launching in February 2018.

Here’s how we do it, every HTML / text leads is custom, so we needed to create a script for every possible question and answer. We ask our customer to provide us with three pieces of information: source email, destination email and a sample HTML email lead.

Our Customer Success Team will work for you to build out the conversion within your account with ADF Converter where you can see the conversions done automatically through an intake sheet, and ensure that the conversion is done to your clients satisfaction.

Usually, within one business day, we’ll be ready for your first test lead. There will always be a reiteration, as every automotive CRM system displays data differently. Also, most BDCs will need to add their source information, so they receive credit for their work. We’ll prepare the intake sheet for you and ensure that its working properly on your destination. You can later change the source email or destination emails to your specifications.

Our Customer Success Team is available from 8 am to 5 pm EST Monday to Friday to ensure that you are satisfied with your lead results. You can now go get more clients and not be hindered by your current text submission lead.

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