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Thank you for your interest in our product, ADF Converter. After six years in the automotive industry, the product of ADF Converter was developed out of frustration with the inability to collect preorganized automotive leads within our CRM system, with data having to be manually entered into the CRM because some lead providers weren’t capable of sending leads in ADF format or used various names for themselves. This led us to spend the last year creating ADFconverter.com to help our clients and others in the industry who wish to take control of their data. We want to help General Managers, BDC Consultants and Marketing professionals, and Salespeople sell more cars.

Lead Adaptor was founded in July 2017 with a goal to transform the way ADF (Auto-lead Data Format) leads are managed by Automobile Marketing Professionals. Whether you work at the Dealership, a Car Portal lead provider or the CRM company. All these organizations need help in managing how the ADF lead is either imported or exported within your organization.

Our vision is to help the automotive industry in developing ways to communicate with each other, and delight their customers.

Nancy M. Hernandez
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